Student Mental Health Counseling

The Student Mental Health Counseling is designed to foster an outlet and an environment that provides these children the resources they need. Without the Student Bereavement Program, many of the students may not be able to receive counseling. This program is free for students accessing the services.

The Student Mental Health Counseling provides counseling services to students, ranging from kindergarten through high school, who need support after suffering a loss in their lives, which may include divorce, a recent relocation, the death of a loved one or another traumatic event.

HELP of Ojai partners with the Ojai Unified School District to provide therapist interns for each O.U.S.D. school. When there is an individual or community tragedy, the teachers, school psychologists and therapists communicate and actively engage to respond in a way that provides direct support for the students affected.

There is no other similar program in Ventura County, and, this is one of very few in the entire state that has therapists on site at the schools. Therapists work with a team of individuals such as teachers, parents and/or caregivers, principals and the school psychologists to create a plan of success for the student. The team ensures that the students receive support to help them be successful, in and outside of school.

“The Student Bereavement Program, funded by HELP of Ojai, is an essential component to the already existing services provided by the Ojai Unified School District. Therapists work directly in the schools to provide a proactive approach in meeting the needs of the students and their families.” – Jeanine Murphy, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor

For more information on the Student Mental Health Counseling, call 805-646-5122.

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